Wake ‎– False LP Vinilos


An ugly cloud of bile and filth descends from the ether. Towards you. Eons of hateful condensation. An air mass of pure filth and anger. It rumbles into existence, and expels a downpour of hot, wet piss, shit and disease that quickly pools and rises – your ankles, your waist, the top of your head. You are engulfed by a physical manifestation of evil…music…a waterfall of raging emotion – acid rain – that strips the body down to a raw, vulnerable and clamoring mass of nothingness that quivers and suffers, waiting, to transcend the void of human existence, to skip the light, and arrive defeated, to a new world of pain, darkness and unrest. This is the world of ‘False.’ The new album by WAKE.

So maybe it’s a hard sell, but with “False,” Calgary’s WAKE have created one of the most angry, vicious and volatile albums you’ll ever hear. Period. Seriously. Eleven songs of raw, unwavering and filthy hardened, deathened grind that come out of nowhere, leave you gasping for breath, and wondering what the hell just happened. This is a chaotic, pulsating, airborne event, not an album…it’s a return to form for extreme music – real danger, real anger and real beats and riffs. “False” is the sound of a prisoner getting shived. Of a mother stealing her son’s Ritalin for dope. Of a one-legged, starved dog, straining to eat the maggots in its own ass. And when the hate stops you’ll know it’s over, and if you were paying attention, and you’ve got the strength, you’ll play it again. And again and again.